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Chrysanthemum Bud Flower Tea 100gm

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Caffeine-free, Premium Quality, No Added Colouring, No Added Flavouring!

Very delicate and appealing aroma. The taste is slightly sweet, clear and very refreshing.

Small Chrysanthemum buds.


1. Excellent in treating mild sunstroke

2. Easing a sore throat.

3. Relieving heat of the upper body-i.e. head and chest

4. Helpful for red, itchy eyes. 

How to brew flower tea:

1. Pour 300ml hot water into 4-5 Chrysanthemum Buds.

2. Steep for 3 mins.

3. You may try brewing this tea with a bit of rock sugar. 

4. Serves well hot or cold.

5. You may steep for 2nd or 3rd serving.