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Elegant Heat Resistant Borosilicate Flower Tea Glass with Infuser

RM 49.00 RM 59.00

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Size: 8.5cm*13cm

Capacity: 380ml/13ounce

Brand: RELEA


1. Pure manual blowing

2. High grade of transparency

3. Food-grade borosilicate glass, material lighter.

4. Heat-resistant,Instantaneous temperature range -30°C~+220°C.

5. Apply to dishwasher & microwave.

6. Healthy and eco-friendly raw material.

7. This material has a durable and easy-to-clean surface. Borosilicate glass surface not blurred over time.

Notice:Because this glass is mouth-blown, each one may have slight differences in height, thickness & weight.