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Lavender Flower Tea 100gm

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Caffeine-free, Premium Quality, No Added Colouring, No Added Flavouring!

Benefits of Lavender:

  1. Reduces Anxiety and Stress
  2. Help insomia
  3. Anti-imflammatory
  4. Skin Care
  5. Antiseptic
  6. Hair care
  7. Help Heart Issues
  8. Help Bloating & Digestive Issues
  9. Lower Blood Pressure

Soothing and highly aromatic tea with a light and slightly sweet taste. Try blending it with mint leaves for that extra refreshing taste.


Not suitable during preganancy or menstruation. 


100% Pure Lavender


How to brew flower tea:

1. Pour 300ml hot water into 1 tablespoon of Lavender flower.

2. Steep for 3 mins.

3. Enjoy your flower tea!

4. You may steep for 2nd or 3rd serving.